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Organize my contacts

Maria Herrell
Updated 10 months ago

One of the greatest benefits to Pipeline is the ability to import contacts and their information into one centralized location. But as we all know, having ALL of your contacts in one place means nothing if there is no organization to them.

Pipeline allows you to keep track of all contacts, as well as all interactions your team has had with them. This will indefinitely keep you more organized. Organization leads to efficiency, which leads to a swifter sales process, and an increased ROI. To simplify it even further, being organized will speed up the sales process and make you more money.

The ability to sort, filter and create dynamic lists makes keeping track of all your clients simple and efficient.

Keep reading to learn some of the best practices for organizing your contacts.

Filter and sort

Once a lead’s information has been captured, the distribution process will begin. This is the process of sorting and categorizing the lead based on its potential to become a sale.

Within a list view, you can use the dropdown menus for each column to filter and sort people based on a combination of factors. Use the manage column dropdown to display whatever fields you need. Read this article to learn more about creating custom fields.

For this example, we will filter by leads that need follow-up and then sort them by their source so that we can contact the leads from a referral first.


Create a list

Once you’ve created a custom list by sorting and/or filtering via the column headers, save the list so that you can refer back to it at any time via the Saved Searches dropdown. Saved lists also dynamically update so you will always be looking at the most current records.


Starred Lists

Starred lists are a powerful way to enhance the function of saving lists in Pipeline. Starring a saved list adds additional functionality to help you keep a close eye on the data that’s important to you. Starred lists will show up on your home dashboard as well as the Morning Coffee Report, our daily email digest.


Sharing lists

You can share a list with other users in your account to save time and regulate processes. Admins can also share lists globally. To share a list:

  1. Select on the Actions menu button (gear icon) from the saved list you wish to share.
  2. Then select the Manage Sharing option.
  3. Enter in the names of the users you wish to share the list with, or if you are an Admin, you can choose to share the list globally for all users on your account. Admins also have the option to star the list for all users it is shared with.


Using this workflow will help keep you and your entire sales team organized and on the same page. It will help you organize your prospects, leads, and, sales, and keep track of them as they move down the funnel.

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