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Bulk Custom Field Update

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago
You have the ability to update your custom fields in bulk in the same way that you can update deal statuses, person tags, or change ownership of records. This allows you to make major changes to your custom field data without making the updates manually or running an update-by-import. 
To make bulk updates to your custom fields you must start by going to the list view of the record type you would like to update. It is important to note that the custom field bulk update will only be supported for the record type you are currently viewing. In other words, if you are looking at a Deals list view you will only be able to bulk update Deal custom fields. 

Once you have chosen the desired record type for the custom field you would like to update, you will need to add the column for the custom field you are looking to update to your list view. You can then select all records that you would like to update and click “Set Custom Field” at the top of your list view.

When you click “Set Custom Field”, a modal will pop up showing all the custom fields currently on your list. You will select the custom field that you would like to update and choose which entry you would like to apply or type in a new value.

When you click “Apply” the new value will be applied to all records you selected!

  • Single and Multiple association records are not supported by the bulk custom field update.
  • Automations that are configured to trigger based on custom field updates will trigger from the bulk update.
  • There is no undo button, but a user can change a value back manually by doing another bulk update.
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