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Customize Your Global Header

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

How To Customize Your Global Header

Administrators can now reorder, rename, and hide the Headers or tabs that appear globally for all users in the account. To adjust the Headers, click your Profile Icon on the right side of the screen, Account Settings and you will see the option for Global Navigation (1). You can drag and drop the headers to be in the order you prefer (2). Perhaps you use the term โ€œContractโ€ instead of โ€œDealโ€ and you want to update the name. You can change the name of the Header by hovering on the Header that you want to change and press the pencil icon to update the name (3). If a particular header is not something that is useful to your team just press the eye icon and it will no longer be displayed as a header (4).

If I change the header will it also change the name in the profile pages and list views?
At this time, it will only change the title displayed in the header section.

Why is the eye icon missing from the Dashboard Header?
Currently, there is not a way to hide the Dashboard. But, you can edit the name that appears there.

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