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Email Quote Tracker

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 month ago

How to Use qc@app.pipelinecrm.com for your business.


The qc@app.pipelinecrm.com email address is a new feature that will keep track of any quote activity associated with People records in your Pipeline account.

How it works

This new email alias functions similarly to the cc@app.pipelinecrm.com address. When you’re preparing to send a quote to your customer add the qc@app.pipelinecrm.com to either the cc or bcc line of your message and when you hit send, a record of that quote activity will be stored in your Pipeline account.  Pipeline will use the first email recipient address to look for a People record type to associate the quote activity to.

Behavior further defined:

  1. When we send an email to `cc@app.pipelinecrm.com` to multiple recipients, for each recipient we create a separate Email activity and then we add them to the Activity Scoreboard report. So if you send a message to 10 recipients, we count them as 10 separate email messages on the scoreboard report. This is *not* the case for quotes. The quote activity is created only for the *first* recipient. 
  2. When a quote is sent as an attachment, we will create an activity with a category "Quote Sent", the title of this message will be an email's subject, the body of this message will be the email's body. But we will *not* save the attachment.
  3. If a person sends an email to both cc@app.pipelinecrm.com and qc@app.pipelinecrm.com, the message will *only* be processed as a quote - meaning, only quote type activity will be created.
  4. When we send an email to cc@app.pipelinedeals and a recipient has got only one deal, the activity will be created for a person and for a deal. With quotes, we do not assign quotes to deals. The activity only will be visible on a person profile page.
  5. Similar to using cc@app.pipelinecrm.com, if you use the quote tracker for a contact that does not exist in Pipeline, it will create a record for you under their email address. It will also create a company record and associate it with the person record, based on the domain of that email address, if that does not already exist. You will need to update all of their other contact information.

Where to see it in PLD

Quote activities will be recorded in People record types and will populate in the Activity Scoreboard Report.


  1. Can I create a quote directly in Pipeline?
    1. While Pipeline is heavily customizable, to-date we do not support a specific quote building functionality. 
  2. Where do I put the qc@app.pipelinecrm.comaddress?
    1. Either the cc or bcc line in the email you are sending to your customer.
  3. What happens if I list multiple email addresses in an email with qc@app.pipelinecrm.com?
    1. The application will look only to the first email recipient address to locate a People record type in your account.
  4. Will any of my attachments populate in the people record? Or will the quote document I’m sending be imported?
    1. The qc@ email address does not support importing documents, this address only tracks for quote activities associated with people records.
  5. What happens if I use both cc@app.pipelinecrm.com and qc@app.pipelinecrm.com
    1. The email will only be processed as a quote and will not process both cc@ and qc@ functionality
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