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Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

The multi-currency features are only available in the Grow plan. To switch to the Grow plan, go to Accounts Settings > Payment & Billing and select the Grow plan.

Multi-currency ensures your sales team can collaborate effectively and report with confidence, no matter how many countries you sell in. With multi-currency:

  • Track deals in any currency so your team can work in the currency of the country they’re based in.
  • Convert deals sold in multiple currencies to one currency instantly without exporting data or using expensive conversion software.
  • Report your global sales team’s pipeline with confidence.

How to configure multi-currency for your account

Admins can configure multi-currency features in Account Settings. Navigate to the Currencies section by clicking on Account Settings > Currencies.

In the Currencies section, an Admin can set the Account Currency and Active Currencies for your account.

  • Account Currency acts as a default currency for all users on your Pipeline account until they choose a user currency. The Account Currency is used for reporting and for importing purposes as well.
  • Active Currencies are the currencies that are available for your team members to use in your account. The currencies you select here can be used for deals and for user currency.


How to set User Currency

Each user can set their individual default currency in My Profile. All deal totals and reports are displayed in this currency on their user login account.

Account Currency

Admins can set the  Account currency as the default currency for all users. It will always be an active currency. It is the currency for people and company currency custom fields and is the default currency applied to imported deals.

Active Currency

Active currencies are the currencies that your company does business in. Users can select currencies listed here as their user currency and can select any of them as the currency for a deal on the new/edit deal form.


Set and Change Deal Currencies

When you create a new deal, the value for the deal defaults to your User Currency. You can select available currencies for the deal amount on the new deal form.

To specify the currency for an existing deal on the individual profile page, select Edit Deal on the top right portion of the screen and then select the currency from the drop-down next to Amount.


Multi-currency on the Deals list

You can edit deal currencies on the Deals list and filter on deal currency as well. To edit or filter on deal currency from the Deals list, add the Currency field by clicking on the Add/Remove Columns button on the Deals list and selecting the Currency field. Once the Currency column is displayed, you can filter on Active Currencies and change the currency for individual deals.

How to import deals with multiple currencies

In order to import deals with multiple currencies, you must add a currency column to the list that you import. The currencies that you import must be identical to the Active Currencies that are available for your account. For example, if the amount needed to be imported as a Mexican Peso, your Currency column would need to use the 3-digit ISO alphabetic code ‘MXN’ for that particular deal.

If you import a list of deals and you do not include a currency column, then the currency for the imported deals will be set as the account currency.

Where will deal values be converted to one currency?

The Home tab, Filtered Totals, Sales Pipeline Total, and Deal reports will all report on the total amount in the Currency that has been specified for the user. The currency conversion rates are accurate as of the last thirty minutes.

NOTE: won deal reports are converted in real-time to their most up-to-date amount, not at the conversion rate from the time-of-close. If you wish to record the conversion value at the time of close, we suggest that you create a deal custom field to record this value.


What currency is used for the Currency custom field?
All deal fields are in the default Account Currency set in the Account settings, including custom fields.

Where is the multi-currency value determined from?

How do I add a currency option to the drop-down? I do not see the one I need listed.
Deals can be added in any currency as long as the currency has been marked as “active” by the account Admin in Accounts Settings.

Which plan do you need to have to get Multi-Currency?
In order to use Multi-Currency, you need to be on our Grow Plan.

Do I need to alter my custom fields on a Multi-Currency deal?
All deal fields are in the deal’s currency including custom fields.

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