Performance Pulse Overview

A fully populated Performance Pulse will have lanes named for each revenue stream of your business and goals within each lane. As new deals come in, you or your team can assign those deals to a lane. Once setup is complete, you just need to use the Performance Pulse visuals to assess where and how to take action in your pipeline.  

Business structures from simple to complex are supported by Performance Pulse—you choose the granularity and visibility of your goals. For example, users in your account with global visibility can see every goal and every contribution made at the individual and team level. Users who only see their own data will have a Performance Pulse that represents only their contributions.  

Performance Lanes, like most system fields, can be marked as required, and they can be removed from entry forms by adjusting the Add/Edit Forms settings. To keep your team on track and your goals up-to-date, we recommend assigning Performance Lane to your deal forms as a required field.