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Win Ratio V1

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

The Win Ratio report is designed to help you answer the question "Which deals are we closing at the highest rate?"

Reporting on the win ratio is calculated as the: (number of won deals) รท (number of won + lost deals)

In other words, out of all the deals that you won or lost in a given time period, what percentage did you win?

For example, let's say that you won 20 deals last quarter and lost 30. Out of all deals won or lost last quarter (50), 20 were won. This means that for the purposes of this report, you had a win ratio of 40% last quarter. Not bad!

NOTE: in this scenario, a deal is considered 'won' when it has a deal stage probability of 100%. A deal is considered 'lost' when its deal stage probability is 0%

You can drill into more detailed questions by segmenting your win ratio data by:

  • Time frame (of day won)
  • Deal Owner (current owner)
  • Dropdown or Picklist Deal custom fields

Example Use Case:

Are we more likely to close deals from inbound chats or inbound demos?

You can easily compare win ratios from different marketing sources to determine which sources produced deals that have closed at the most efficient rate. To do this from the Win Ratio report:

  1. Click on the Filter option on the right side filter bar and select "Source."
  2. Once you've selected "Source" you can filter on any sources that have closed/won deals and compare the win ratios in the visual chart. 

Make sure to check the time range that you are reporting on to ensure that you're reporting on an appropriate time range for your question.


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