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New Deal Profile Highlights

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

The Deal Profile page is now responsive.

This update makes it much easier to view the web-app on a variety of screen sizes by allowing the elements within the page to respond to the page size and stack on top of each other when needed.

Deal Details section:

Overall, the components used on this page are more modern and are streamlined so they are easier to work with. 

  • Stage: The deal stage has been added to the top line details because it’s extremely important to know where this deal stands within the context of your whole pipeline. 
  • Deal intelligence fields (Grow plan): You’ll notice a new field below the current stage though. This is a deal intelligence field that all of our grow accounts will be able to see. It tells you how long the deal has been in this current stage. This is very valuable in order to understand where deals might be getting stuck in the pipeline. 
  • Days active field: On the old profile, this field was called ‘Age’ and started on the day the deal was created and continued to count as long as it was in your account. We have updated this field to make it much more valuable for you. First, this counter starts running not when the deal is created but when it is moved into an active stage.
  • Lower deal details section: We have not added anything new in this section. We have just rearranged the fields within it and made them easier to read, left to right and top to bottom. 

People section: 

This component has been redesigned to allow for better visibility into the people attached to deals. On the old profile, people were represented by dots and you had to scroll through each one individually to see who they were. Now all users are displayed via the main business card or the table if there are more than 3 people attached to the deal.

  • Filtering and sorting: The Name and Title columns in the People table are sortable and filterable, and you can easily search for the person you are looking for.

Agenda section: 

The layout and design of the agenda component have been updated. This makes it easier to scan and read through while also displaying more information.

  • Filtering: You can filter your agenda by Time period which you were not able to do before.
  • Events: Events will also show what time they start.
  • Actions: When you hover and click over an agenda item you can perform any of the other important actions including complete, postpone, delete, or edit.

Activity Feed section:

The UI and functionality of individual activities have been redesigned to make it easier to scan through activities and read them. 

  • Deal intelligence fields (Grow): We have added two new deal intelligence fields that were previously only on the deal list view; First activity & Time since last activity.
  • Activity Feed Filters: We’ve added the ability to filter by time period and by people.

Files section:

Improved design provides Sorting and Filtering available on columns and allows you to search for a file.

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