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Data Deletion

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Removing data from your Pipeline account is straightforward and easily done throughout the platform. Users can remove specific contact information from a record or delete the contact altogether with all of its associated data. Account admins can mark users as inactive to immediately prevent them from accessing the account and its data.

Field Data

If you only need to remove select information, such as a contact’s email address or phone number. You can do so by: 

Clicking the x icon and clearing the field data 

Click Edit Company/Person/Deal on top of the record profile, delete then save. 

Delete specific emails or any other activity note from the activities section on their profile.

Search for the activity then click delete. Any files or email attachments are also preserved within the contact’s profile in the files section. 

To remove a file from the system simply click the delete file icon.


If permitted by an admin, you can delete the contact’s entire record and all of its associated data, including email activities and files. 

From their profile, click the actions button in the upper right corner then delete.

You can also delete multiple records at once from a list view. Check the box in line with their name, click more up on top, delete and confirm. Checking the first box at the top will select all records on that page for a bulk action. You’ll receive an in-app notification confirming the record has been deleted.

Removing Users

Account admins manage who at your organization has a user account and what records they have access to. If a user is no longer needs to access the account, an admin can mark them as inactive from the user's page in account settings. Once a user is marked inactive they lose access to the account and its data immediately. The admin will receive an email confirming the user has been marked inactive. Inactive user data is still preserved in the system for historical record-keeping and can only be accessed by active users with permissible record visibility, such as executives and team leaders.

 Account Data

Our team of developers can delete data with the written consent from an account admin’s email upon special request. Pipeline stores account data for 180 days from the account’s effective cancelation date. After that time has passed all data is permanently deleted. 


Pipeline welcomes the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, and we have worked hard to ensure that our privacy standards provide appropriate protection. Please contact customercare@pipelinecrm.com or visit https://www.pipelinecrm.com/privacy-policy for more on our commitment to GDPR and our compliance statement.

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