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Deal Profile

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

A Deal profile page is a dynamic dashboard of all recent and historical information about that deal so you and your team can be up to date.

Pipeline Visibility

The pipeline at the top of the record will give a more in-depth look into the stages that the deal has gone through. When hovering over the different stages, it will show you the number of days the deal was in that stage, how many activities were created in that stage, and how many days since the last activity was created in that stage. 

Deal Details

The details section of a deal record profile displays default system fields highlighting the current status of the deal. Select any of the fields ( Amount, Status, Stage e.g.) to effortlessly update the deal. 

When a deal is moved from an active stage to a closed (won/lost) stage the Expected Close date automatically changes to the Actual Close date that the change was made. Closing a deal also changes the Days Active field to Time to Close. Select Pipeline to move or copy the deal to another pipeline from the dropdown. Changing the Stage automatically updates the Probability field associated with the stage, but that percentage can also be customized without changing the stage. Most of the other changes made in the details section will generate a system Deal activity note. 

Activity Feed

The activities section is sorted in descending order showing the most recent activities at the top. Add a new activity by clicking on the Add an activity... bar. You can filter the list by date range, associated contacts, and by category types. 


Search and update the people, including the Primary contact associated with the deal. You can edit the person record's contact information, too. 


Stay on top of this deal by adding follow-up calendar items, including to-do templates. You'll see upcoming todos for yourself or any team member working on this deal at a glance!

Custom Fields & Files

Update or take a peek at your account's custom fields related to this deal. Custom field groups help organize like fields or are used by different teams in your organization.

Files associated with the deal, including PDFs or email attachments, are easily accessible from the Files section. Click on any of the column headers in this section to search and filter the results.

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