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Contacts, Deals, & Saved Lists

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Whether you were working on the mobile or desktop version, Contacts pulls up a list of your most recent interactions with People or Companies so you can easily begin where you last left off.

  • Contacts defaults to your Recent Person interactions. View Recent Company Interactions by simply selecting Companies just below the dropdown menu.
  • Choose a saved People or Companies list from the dropdown menu to work off from since lists can only be created on the desktop browser.
  • Call your contact directly by pressing the phone icon. After the call, you can log it as an activity and create a follow-up task. Add any additional notes about the call to follow-up on later down the road.

Deals will default to display your most Recent Deal Interactions. Click on a deal to open its profile page or work off a saved list by selecting one from the dropdown menu.  

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