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Profile records

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Profile pages for all People, Company and Deal records keep you informed with an updated Activity feed, profile Details, and any outstanding Agenda items to keep you on track. You can edit the record’s profile and communicate directly whether it’s a call, text, or email. 

Geolocate with easy mapping to see where your prospect is located so you can plan your route using your device’s default map program or the built-in Nearby feature.

  • In the Activity section of the profile page, you can Filter by Category, Add an activity, comment, view and add files, or make any additional edits to activity notes.
  • Add an activity associated with the record, notify collaborators and add any additional notes and files.
  • Type or use Talk-to-Text to write a new activity note on the record.
  • Details display your active deal’s value, all recorded information (including system default and custom fields), deals and any files associated with that record.
  • Agenda list all of your upcoming or outstanding to-do items.
  • When you Edit a record in the mobile app, any changes made will sync to the desktop version and vice versa.
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