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Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago


Quickly send an email, schedule a meeting, or update a deal using the 'actions' feature from any saved list. When viewing any of your People, Companies, or Deals lists, slide the record to the right then click 'Actions' to pull up a list of actions to quickly and easily stay on top of your game.


Whether youโ€™re at the office or out in the field itโ€™s important to manage your schedule with the ability to add, update, and access your calendar items and saved lists.

Opening the Agenda will default to the My Incomplete Tasks list where you can mark items as complete or click to edit and review the details. You can also work off of the default list views we have created for you and your own saved list from the V dropdown. 

Any agenda changes made in the mobile will sync to the desktop browser version.

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