Removing users

Ensure you're effectively managing the number of active users on your account when organizational changes are made so you're only paying for as many seats as you need! 

Replacing a user

Rather than deleting users who no longer need access to Pipeline, mark the user 'inactive' to preserve historical data. Inactive users will no longer have access to their account and all of their data can be reassigned at any time. Marking a user 'inactive' will free up a license so you can add a new user without disruption to the billing.

Mark a user 'inactive' and navigate to your profile icon/initials > Account Settings > Users > Active Users > then click Actions in line with the user > Mark as inactive. At this point, you've freed up a paid seat license to Add a new user.

Removing a user and seat license

You will need to adjust the number of seat licenses in Payment & Billing if you're downgrading the number of active users. Unused user seat licenses will continue to be charged unless action by the admin is taken. This multi-step process mitigates any billing charges since most accounts replace a user immediately rather than later down the road.

Adjust the number of licenses by navigating to Payment & Billing. Select Update Subscription > Change (license count) > Review and Finish > Downgrade.

Account cancellation

Only account admins have the ability to deactivate an account and will automatically deactivate after your current billing cycle. Please remember that if you change your mind, we only keep your data on file for 180 days until it is deleted. We are unable to issue credit for unused seat licenses or canceled accounts. 

NOTE: If you are unable to downgrade, please email the request to so we can make the adjustment for you.