Keep me signed in

Before you log in to Pipeline, you will notice an option titled Keep me signed in.

If you check the box before signing in:

Pipeline will remember your sign-in credentials, and you won't need to enter them again to sign in when using that browser on that computer or device.

So, if you were to close your browser at the end of the day, when you open it up again the next morning and go to, you will automatically log in and be taken to your Home tab.

This behavior will continue for two weeks, or until you choose to sign out manually by clicking on either your avatar or initials > Sign out. In order to turn this back on, simply click the Keep me signed in box the next time you sign in.

If you choose to not check the box before signing in:

When you close your browser, the next time you open it, go to and click the Sign In button in the top right of the page, you will need to enter your sign-in credentials again.

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