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Customer Management Profile Overview

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Support your customers with the same efficiency as you close your prospects. Pipeline has always sought to help you organize your pipeline, sell efficiently and win big. Customer Management helps you develop your relationships with customers after the sale. Consolidate all internal communication and activities regarding your customers through a single point of contact.

Key Contacts

Flag certain contacts as your most important relationships at a company. If you have dozens of people associated with a company, but only talk with two of them regularly, mark them as key contacts for easy access.

Define the relationship so anyone viewing your key contacts can quickly understand why they’re key parts of the customer relationship. 

key-contacts.pngHealth Status

Use this feature to group your customers by their perceived ‘health.’ This could mean the likelihood of renewing their business with you, purchasing new items, providing marketing collateral/references, or any number of things. Pipeline will help you track health changes and understand how much of your customer base - whether measured by revenue or quantity - is in good shape.


Revenue Types

Many users of Pipeline use the app to help drive revenue from existing customers as much as they use it to attract and convert new customers. Customer Management includes a Revenue Type feature that helps categorize each deal associated with a company by type of revenue: new, expansion, project, and recurring are some examples.

A quick glance at a customer profile lets you see where the bulk of your revenue associated with a particular customer comes from. Is it from the original deal that brought them on board? Or from new business won since they became a customer?


Once a new customer is won, most businesses need to take a series of actions to deliver upon the promised goods and services that were promised in the sale. Borrowing a conventional Project Management strategy, you can organize the key checkpoints along your customer’s journey as a series of Milestones.

Use milestones as key dates to highlight in the customer relationship. These might be things like Pitch Presentation, Renewal, Project Go-live or other highly important dates. Invite Milestone Collaborators (other Pipeline users) to help manage the tasks and events needed to complete a milestone, pin the date to the Company Details section of the profile or set a reminder so you don’t forget that the milestone is coming up soon.

Improved UI/UX

The customer profile page has been optimized to enable any user to find information quickly and easily. The Activity Feed has received a broad overhaul from both an information hierarchy and filtering capability perspective. Custom fields have also been re-designed, making consuming information at a glance easier

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