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Customer Activity Feed

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

The activity feed for customers provides users with the flexibility to filter customer activity, tasks, events, and milestones.

Activity Type Filtering

The activity feed enables you to easily filter different types of activities. The four categories for filtering are:

  • All - Includes all activity types
  • Activities - Includes any custom activity tracking that is available in your account, like a phone call or voice mail.
  • Email - Includes email and trackable email actions like โ€˜opensโ€™ and โ€˜clicksโ€™
  • System Updates - Includes system updates like deal stage changes, the conversion of a company to a customer, etc.



Universal Filters For Activities

In addition to enabling you to filter by different types of activities, you can filter by milestone, time period, and contact.

  • Milestone Filter - if an activity is associated with a milestone, you can filter by milestone to display only activities associated with that milestone.
  • Time Period - filter by time period to find past activities from a range in time. You can filter by activities created today, yesterday, in the last 7 days, older than 7 days, or by a custom date range.
  • Contact - filter to only find activities associated with a specific contact at a company.


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