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Key Contacts For Customers

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Key contacts in Pipeline are a helpful way to indicate important customer contacts and their relationship to your business. For example, you can highlight the decision-maker for the initial purchase, the primary contact at the business, or any other key relationship at the business.

How to set a Key Contact

Designate people as key contacts in the People section on a customer profile. To mark a contact as a Key contact, select the star ⭐️, just before the person's name in the people box on a customer profile.

Once you have selected Key Contact, a prompt to define the relationship will appear. For example, you can define your relationship with a key contact as ‘internal champion,’ ‘primary decision-maker,’ ‘influencer,’ etc.

To remove a person as a key contact, select the star ⭐️ displaying before the Key contact’s name. Select the option on the prompt to indicate that the person is Not a key contact. The star beside the person’s name will have no longer be highlighted in yellow.



How to define the relationship

Defining your relationship with a key contact is an optional feature, and might be unique for your different customers. Make sure to highlight the most relevant part of a relationship. This will be especially helpful for other team members or executives seeking to learn more details on key contacts at customers.

People versus Key Contact

The People section on the customer profile page displays all people and key contacts as separate tabs. Please note that all your key contacts will appear on the list for all people, while the key contacts only include contacts that you’ve designated as key contacts at the business.


Filtering Key Contacts in the Activity Feed

You can filter for activities associated with key contacts in the Activity Feed. Select the ‘People’ dropdown menu under the activity feed in order to view and filter on activities associated with key contacts.


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