Tracking Customer Health

The Customer Health Score indicates the status of your relationship with a customer.  To add a health score to a customer, click on the Health Score on a customer profile page. There are four options to highlight for customer health:

  • None
  • Poor  ☹️
  • Fair   😐
  • Good 🙂


Health Score Description

When you change a customer’s health score, an optional prompt to provide a description appears. The health score description field enables you to document why you selected a particular customer health score. The health score description will appear under the 'i' icon next to the customer health in the future. Additionally, a new activity will appear on the customer profile page indicating that the health score has changed and a description about why the change occurred.

If you do not want to include a description, simply select the ‘No Thanks’ option to dismiss the health score description window.


Viewing Health Score Description
You can view the description of the health score by selecting the 'i' icon next to the Health Score icon.


Health Status Activity

When a Customer’s Health Status has changed, an Activity will be created on the Company record to show the change that was made.


Health Status - Recent Updates Report

When a change is made to a Company’s Health Status, the Recent Updates Report will show these changes as well.