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Converting a Company to a Customer

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Convert a Company into a Customer

To convert a company to a customer, access the company’s profile page and click Actions > Convert to customer from the dropdown.

Convert One or More Companies to Customers

To convert one or more companies to customers at once, select the companies you wish to convert from the Company tab list view. The option to convert companies to customers appears above the list if you select one or more companies using the checkboxes. A confirmation message to convert companies to customers appears when you click  Convert to customer.

NOTE: This bulk conversion will not allow you to add notes or assign a new owner to each company. The reassignment of company ownership, or addition of notes, must be completed separately.

Convert Company to Customer after the first deal is won

Pipeline will ask if you would like to change a Company to a Customer after the first deal associated with that Company has been moved to the ‘won’ deal stage.

Assign Ownership of Customer

When a company becomes a customer, a customer conversion window will open automatically.

NOTE: This will not appear when doing a bulk conversion from the list view.

The customer conversion window enables you to reassign ownership of the customer to another user. You can also include any relevant notes about the customer, such as immediate next steps or specific items of interest. The notes entered will appear in the activity section on the company’s new customer profile

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