Deal Status

Deal Status is a great way to track the health of the deals in your Pipeline account. They are represented by the following colors:

  • Green  Green – Go! The deal is healthy and on track toward the expected close date.
  • Yellow Yellow – Caution! The deal progress is slowing down and may miss the expected close date. There may be some concerns about the deal that may need to be addressed.
  • Red Red – Stopped! The deal is stopped or there are red flags that need to be removed before proceeding to the next deal stage in your sales process.
  • Unset Unset – The deal status has not been set.
Color coded deal status in Pipeline

Can I customize Deal Statuses?
Yes! You are now able to create Custom Deal Statuses via Account Settings>Deal Status>Top right hand corner> + Add Deal Status

  • Choose your own color and value