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To-do Templates

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Pipeline provides support for To-Do Templates, a powerful feature that allows you to create a series of events and tasks that can be applied at once to a person or a deal, saving you time and enabling you to manage your standard business processes more effectively.

To-Do Templates are set up and maintained by admins in the Account Settings section, under Tasks & Events > To-Do Templates. You can either apply templates manually or set a default template for all record types such as companies, customers, people, and deals. The default templates are available to all users on the account and are applied automatically when a new record is created.

Once a template is applied, you can easily postpone future events in the template using our speed-postponing options. For instance, if you have a template to email a prospect on day 1, call on day 3, and send a package on day 5, and you miss the call, you can use our postpone options to automatically postpone all future events.

Our events are designed to skip weekends, meaning that if an event falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it will automatically be moved to the following Monday. However, you have the option to choose whether weekends should be included in To-Do Templates by accessing the Postpone Periods tab. There, you can select whether or not to include weekends and set custom postponement periods when you need to quickly postpone an item.

In summary, To-Do Templates provide an efficient way to manage your business processes, and Pipeline makes it easy for you to create, apply, and customize templates according to your needs.

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