To-do Templates

Pipeline supports to-do templates, a series of events strung together that can be applied at once to a person or deal. Templates are a great way to save time and manage your standard business processes.

To-Do Templates are set-up and maintained by admins in Account Settings > Tasks & Events > To-do Templates. A template can be applied manually or admins can set a default template for companies, people, and deals. Default templates will be applied automatically when a new record is created and are available to all users on the account.

Once a template is applied, the speed postponing options will apply to all future events in the template. Let’s say you have a template to email a prospect on day 1, call on day 3, and send a package on day 5. If you miss the call and want to postpone it, simply use one of our postpone options and all the future events will postpone automatically. 

Our events are designed to skip weekends. If an event lands on a Saturday or Sunday, we will automatically move it to the following Monday. However, you are able to choose whether or not you would like weekends to be included in to-do templates by going to the Postpone Periods tab. There you can select whether to include weekends and you can even set custom postponement periods when you need to quickly postpone an item.