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Calendar View

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago
the calendar tab
The Calendar Tab 2:51 (Please note that some changes have been made since this video was created)

The Calendar tab is a great place for you to view and manage your tasks, events, and milestones in Pipeline. The default view for the calendar is a Month view. You can also view your calendar in Week and Day views by selecting the buttons in the upper right corner of the calendar. Additionally, you can choose to view the todos individually or together from Show Calendar Events dropdown. You can use the arrows to switch between months, weeks, and days depending on which view you are using. 




To view or manage your tasks or events, click on the task or event to mark as complete, edit or delete. Also, you can reschedule a task or event by dragging the to do item to a new date on the calendar.

On the bottom of the calendar, you can click to see colleague's calendars that you have visibility to. Colleague's tasks, events, and milestones will appear in a different color than your own. You can also choose to subscribe to your calendar. This is a one way sync that pulls Pipeline events from any calendar program set to your computer's default that allows you to subscribe to WebCalendars. 


Clicking on this link will open your computer's default calendar program and attempt to subscribe you to your Pipeline Calendar. You can also copy the link address by right clicking and use that link to Subscribe to WebCal in the program of your choice. How to subscribe to WebCals varies from program to program.

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