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Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

The Web-to-Leads page is your connection to building web-to-leads custom forms for your business with Pipeline. Web-to-Leads is one of the most common uses of Pipeline API, and many customers use Web-to-Leads to build their sales pipeline.

From the Web-to-Leads page, you can access your account's unique web-to-leads key, web-to-leads ID numbers for users in your account and a link to the API documentation for creating web-to-leads forms with our API.

Web-to-Leads Documentation


Why are new leads not populating in Pipeline?

This could be the result of many factors: 

  • Ensure that the W2LID is valid and belongs to an active user. 
  • Check that your <form> tag uses the correct URL https://app.pipelinecrm.com/web_lead.
  • Make sure that your form submits correctly formatted values. For example: You may have your web developer include validation on the form so that leads cannot submit an invalid email address.

If you still do not know the cause of the issue enable developer mode on your form by adding the line  <input type="hidden" name="developer_mode" value="true" /> and submitting a lead.

Why am I receiving a lot of spam?

You may need to add a captcha to your form such as reCAPTCHA or hCaptcha

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