Tasks & Events

Task & Event Types - Task and event types let you classify specific activities you schedule on your calendar so you can report on your sales activities. Common task and event types include: call, appointment, todo, product demo, promotional event, and personal time off.  You can use the default types or you can edit, rename and even add some of your own. The one in the first position will be the default selection when new Tasks or Events are created.

You can edit existing task types by clicking on the edit icon (1), which looks like a pencil and paper. Clicking the delete icon (2), which looks like a trash can, allows you to delete a task type. Note that you cannot delete the task type "Milestone", as that is used to generate automatic tasks on expected close dates for deals. Clicking and dragging on the three lines icon (3) allows you to drag and drop task types into the order you like. Clicking "Add new type" (4) allows you to add a new task type.

To-do Templates - This is where you create, edit or delete task and event templates. Templates may then be applied to deals or people. You will have the option to make a template the default template and have it automatically applied when a deal or person is created. You may also apply templates manually.

Clicking on the To-do Templates tab (1) will bring you to the To-do Templates menu.

From here, you can edit existing templates (2) by clicking the edit icon, delete existing templates (3) by clicking the delete icon, and create new templates by clicking the "Create new To-do template" button (4). Note that templates are listed in alphabetical order.

Editing an existing template or adding  a new template will bring up the window below. Select a name for the template (1) that describes the template as clearly as possible. You can choose to set this template as the default for that template type (2), which will automatically apply this template to all new deals or people created in your system, depending on template type selected. Note that you can only have one default template per type, so if you want to have multiple templates apply at once, you'll want to create a template which brings together all of the to-do items from each of the templates you want to include. The Template type (3) indicates whether the template can be applied to people or to deals. If you wish for a template to be applied to both people and deals, you'll need to make two separate templates with identical to-do items.


The Day number (4) indicates the number of days after the template is applied that a task is due. Day 0 is the same day the template is applies, day 1 is the day after the template is applied, and so on. Task Name (5) is the name of the task. When choosing a name for your task, pick something that clearly indicates what it is you should do. Type (6) is the type of task. You can, of course, manage the types available to choose from on the Task & Event Types tab. You can edit or delete individual tasks using the edit and delete icons (7). The edit icon is on the left and looks like a pencil and paper, and the delete icon is on the right and looks like a trash can. Add tasks to the template using the "+ Add task" link (8). When you have your template set up to your specifications, be sure to press Save (9).