Deal Stages

Deal Stages define your sales process. Probability is associated with each stage and indicates how likely a deal is to close. Use the default deal stages, or customize your sales process by editing and adding new deal stages.

The 0% probability stage represents a lost deal and the 100% probability stage represents a won deal. You can have custom deal stages at each whole percentage point from 1% to 99%. 

NOTE: you can only have one stage per percentage value in each Pipeline

Click on  Add a new deal stage to add it to the pipeline.

Enter the name and the probability percentage for the stage. It won't allow you to save your new stage if there is already another deal stage at that probability percentage nor if the stage name is already in use. Click on Save or Save and add another.

Note: When using multiple pipelines, you cannot have deal stages in different pipelines with the same name. 

Deal Loss Reasons

Understanding why a deal was lost can be just as important as understanding why a deal was one. Mark your lost deals with custom  Deal Loss Reasons.

Select the Deal Loss Reasons tab from the Deal Stages page to add/edit these. You can choose to automatically show the deal loss reason dialog when a deal stage is changed to "Lost" that also offers a space to type up a summary for that specific deal lost. Edit existing deal loss reasons using the icons in the right column. Drag and drop using the rearrangement icon on the right (looks three horizontal lines) to reorder your deal loss reasons. Click on the Add a new deal loss reason button to add a new loss reason.