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Prepare Your CSV or Excel file: People

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 months ago

Here's what you need to know about formatting your list of people. To download an example CSV for people, click here.

Column Headers

All files need to have column headers in the first row.

column headersYour headers do not need to match the names of fields in Pipeline exactly, but they should be descriptive enough to use for your own reference.

System and custom fields

To see what default fields are available for people in Pipeline, view the list here.

If you have data that doesn't fit into one of the default fields, you will need to create custom fields before importing your data.

Formatting names

Depending on which format you choose, you'ill map the name column(s) to the corresponding field(s) in Pipeline. A person's first and last name can be formatted in separate columns, or within a single column using the following formats:

  • First Name Last Name
  • Last Name, First Name
  • First Name, Last Name

Associating people to companies

To associate people to companies, create a Company Name column and make sure the company name matches the name of the company in Pipeline exactly.

Contacts or leads

You can designate everyone on your import as a "contact" or a "lead" during the import process (see the Importing page for more details), or include a column in your spreadsheet to make different designations for different people. 

Assigning people

Every person must be assigned an owner, a user in your account who is primarily responsible for maintaining contact with that person. 

You can assign an entire import to the same owner during the import process (see the Importing page for more details), or assign people in your spreadsheet to different owners. To assign people to different owners, add an Owner column to your spreadsheet. Make sure the name of the owner you define in your file matches the name of the user within the Users section of your Account Settings.  

Tagging People

You can apply tags to an entire import during the import process (see the Importing page for more details), or assign different tags to different people in your spreadsheet. To assign tags in the spreadsheet, you can use a separate column for each tag or a single column with commas separating the values.

Duplicate checking

If you enable duplicate checking and try to import two people with the same email address, only the first person will be imported. The second person will be considered an invalid entry and will not be imported. (Similarly, you will not be able to import any people that have the same email address as people that already exist in your account.) You'll be notified by email when the import is complete and with any invalid entries.

click here to generate spreadsheet

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