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Zoominfo Integration

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 month ago

ZoomInfo is a leading business-to-business intelligence platform that arms sales and marketing teams to target the right customer or prospect with the right message at the right time. 

Use Case

For any Company and Person record existing in Pipeline, you can enrich the record using Zoominfo and access additional information for closing the deal. 

Integration Setup

To set up Zoominfo integration, Pipeline CRM admins must navigate to the AppStore, and find Zoominfo integration. Click 'Install' 

Zoominfo integration allows you to automatically enrich the Person and Company data in Pipeline. Under "Company Field Mappings" & "Person Field Mapping" you can map the ZoomInfo information to a specific Pipeline field. 

You can choose to enrich:

  • Person fields 
  • Company fields 
  • or both 

Moreover you have the configuration to override any existing data for person and company fields. For example if have mapped Zoominfo's Country to Pipeline's Country, and you have entered the person's country, the enriched data from Zoominfo will remove your inputted country and update it with Zoominfo's country.

After configuring the mapping, you can now proceed to allow Pipeline to connect to your Zoominfo account. Navigate to "ZoomInfo API" and enter your username and password. 

The 'Username' and 'Password' are the same as what you would use to sign into your ZoomInfo account.

Click on "test connection" to ensure the API connection is working. 

Once you're ready to go live, activate the ZoomInfo integration. Once done, click on "back to App Store" and the ZoomInfo integration will be highlighted.


Q. When is this Integration Triggered?

A. Zoominfo will be triggered to update a record when specific attributes are changed or updated. 

  • Company Email Address or Website
  • Person Email Address 

Q. Is this integration bi-directional?

A. Not at this time, a record in Pipeline will need to exist to be enriched. Any records found in ZoomInfo that are not entered into Pipeline must be manually created.

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