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Reassign Ownership of Agenda Items in Bulk

Maria Herrell
Updated 6 months ago

Has someone left your team? Are you reassigning territories for your agents? With the Bulk Reassign option within the Agenda Tab, you are able to select 1 or many agenda items to reassign to another user on the account at once. 

To bulk reassign agenda item ownership:

1. Apply any filters or sorting that will help you locate the items to be reassigned (optional)
2. Check off the boxes in the left hand column to select items either 1) 1 by 1, 2) click on the box in the column header to select all items displaying on the page or 3) click on the box in the column header and then click on the underlined total number of items currently matching your list view search to select all records
3. Click on the 'Reassign' option on the toolbar at the top of the table
4. Select a user to reassign items to 

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