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Conditional Fields

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

With the introduction of our new Conditional Fields functionality, Admin users now have the ability to set fields that are required, require review, or disabled when new records are created or existing records are edited based on specific criteria.

  • Required - will prevent the user from being able to successfully save the new or edited record without populating the indicated field
  • Review - will prompt the user to review the field contents (or lack of) before proceeding
  • Disable - will prevent the user from editing the contents of the field
  • No Change - will not apply any restrictions to the field

To add a new field rule, go to Account Settings and click on the Conditional Fields option in the column on the left, select the tab that corresponds with the record type the field rule should apply to and then click on the 'Create New Rule' option in the upper right hand corner. 

You are able to name the field rule for easy identification as well as add a description or any text that will help you communicate the reason for the rule being put into place. Next, you are able to set specific criteria for when the rule should apply. In this example we want to make sure that anytime a person is missing a first name, that we require that it be populated and that the user review the last name & work phone entered and that we do not allow for the source to be edited. 

First, we set the when (criteria to apply the rule) to 'First name' 'is blank' 

Then, under ' Select Fields to Conditionally Restrict', we locate the 'First name' field and set it to required, locate 'Last name' & 'Work phone' to review and finally set to the 'Source' field to disabled' and click on the 'Save' button to activate.

This new rule will then be visible on the home page for Conditional fields where you will be able to deactivate it, clone it or remove it. 

Once the rule is set to 'on' we will see the rule in action from either within the add new person form or within the edit person form. 

If a user attempts to save a record without satisfying the rules that have been set, they will be shown what went wrong in the 'errors' section in the lower left corner of the form. The user will be provided with the items that are required in order to proceed with saving the record.

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