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Bulk Email Sending Guide

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Our Bulk Email feature allows you to send a one-time personalized email blast to one to 1,000 contacts in a single send. Have a one-time pop up event happening that you'd like to share? Have a limited time promotion going? Send a bulk email to your target group of contacts from within Pipeline with just a few clicks!

In a People or Deals list view, you can build your contact list by filtering on the defining characteristics (fields) of your audiences such as location, job title, tag, status, or custom field. Bulk Emails sent from the Deals tab will only send to the primary contact on each selected deal.

From there, select all records on the list, click  Bulk Email and indicate a name for this sending group (you’ll refer to this name when keeping track of the campaign results after it’s sent). *Your email must be synced otherwise you will not have the Bulk Email button.

Next, you’ll do the basic email stuff -- creating a subject line and email content.

Compose your email message or select a previously saved email template by clicking into the Template field and choosing an option from the dropdown.

Note: Bulk Emails are limited to 1,000 recipients per send due to constraints in Google and Outlook. Please contact your email provider to see the specific sending limits they have in place. 93% of our customers send bulk emails with targeted batches of less than 50 recipients, which is what the feature is designed for.

Pro tips:

  • Use a template -- they save you time from having to rebuild the same content over and over again, and they also make your email performance metrics more meaningful.
  • Use merge tags -- take your campaigns to the next level and personalize the content with the recipient’s name, company, etc.
  • Enter your HTML by pressing the </> icon. *Please note, this is a 64KB or 65535 bytes limit.
  • Send yourself a test of the email to make sure everything is in order before officially sending it off.


  • Send away! You can choose to send the email immediately or schedule a specific time in the future. (We suggest before lunch for best open rates). *Note - emails will be sent to the email address entered into the system field for Work Email for the selected recipients
  • Bulk emails will log as an activity and you can elect to receive an alert when the email is opened, add a trackable link and attachment, and save the email as a template.

Track your bulk email send results

Once you’ve sent your bulk email, check out its performance in the Bulk Email list view. Here you can see how many people have opened the email and clicked on any links/attachments.

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