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Data Sync for Excel 2016

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

The Pipeline Data Sync is the latest add-in for Microsoft Excel 2016 which helps you quickly import data from any of your saved lists in Pipeline. Each tab in Excel can support its own saved list, allowing you to pull in various data to marry for robust reporting. You can set data to be auto-refreshed each hour or you can manually refresh data so that you always have the most up-to-date data from your CRM.

The Pipeline Data Sync integration is a one-way sync from your Pipeline account to Excel 2016, so updates you make in Excel to your data will not be reflected in your Pipeline account.


The Excel Add-in is compatible with:

  • PC and Mac
  • Excel 2016
  • Office 365 (e.g. Excel online)

Additionally, to use the Excel Add-in, you must be able to install Add-ins for Excel or Office 365. If you do not see the option to install Add-ins, check with your company’s IT department. You also must be able to downloaded Add-ins from the Microsoft Store.

The required Excel JavaScript API version is 1.3, Version 1608 (build 7601.6800) or later: How to check your Office version.

Setup Guide

Installing from Pipeline
  1. Ensure an admin has enabled the API for the account in account settings.
  2. To install the Excel Add-in from your Pipeline account, click on your Profile Icon > My Profile > Microsoft integration
  3. Click the green button Download the Add-in
  4. The link will bring you to the Microsoft Store where you can follow the steps to log in to your Microsoft and Pipeline accounts to finalize the installation.
Installing from Excel 2016
  1. To install the Add-in from Excel 2016, click on Insert > Add-ins > Store…
  2. From the Office Add-ins store, click in the search field and search for Pipeline.
  3. The Excel 2016 integration is called: Pipeline Data Sync
  4. Finalize the installation process by using your Pipeline credentials to log in.

Importing Data

To import data to an Excel file using the Add-in, click on the Pipeline logo on the navigation ribbon on the Home tab in Excel. You will need to login to your account the first time that you import data.

To import a list, select one of your saved lists from the drop-down menus. Lists are organized into groups by People, Deals, Companies, Activities, and To-Dos.

When you select a list to import, you can also indicate if you want to auto-update data on your list each hour. If you do not select this option, you can manually refresh the list whenever you want.

Creating dashboards, charts, and tables

You can now use data that you’ve imported from the Excel add-in to create dashboards, charts, and tables. If you’re looking for inspiration on different dashboards you can create, take a look at this example file that we’ve created here.

Note: Create dashboards, charts, tables, or other calculations on a separate tab from where you’re importing data. Each time you refresh data from a saved list into Excel, all existing data on the tab is wiped out and reimported.


If your business is using Office 365 and Excel online, you can collaborate and share Excel sheets online. However, users will not be able to import data into Excel or manually refresh saved lists.

If you share an Excel 2016 file with a colleague and they don’t have the add-in installed, they will receive a normal, static Excel file, with data as it was at the point you sent it.

It is important to note that each time the data is refreshed all existing data on the tab is wiped out and reimported.  This means that all formulas, graphs, and pivot tables should be created on separate tabs, referencing your data tabs.


Why is it saying I don't have any saved lists?
If you're receiving a message that you don't have any saved lists, you'll need to enable the API in the Account Settings.

What does "Add-in Error: We Can't load this add-in because we couldn't connect to the catalog" error mean?
The Office version currently running isn't supported by the Excel Data Sync. You will need Version 1608 (Build 7601.6800) or later for our plugin to work. Office Version & Requirements

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