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Quickbooks: Installation Guide

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 months ago

Pipeline is excited to offer an integration with Intuitโ€™s QuickBooks Online. In our first iteration of the integration, we allow you to connect the two accounts giving Pipeline users access to creating invoices for existing customers in QuickBooks from any deal profile page. This integration is only supported for QuickBooks online, QuickBooks accounts hosted on on-premise servers are not supported.

Setting up the Integration:

Pipeline administrators can find the connection to QuickBooks in our Integrations section. 

Star the integration process from the integrations page in Pipeline

Select the QuickBooks integration

Then enter your QuickBooks Online credentials in the modal pop-up. There, simply click on the button to connect and enter your QuickBooks Online credentials in the modal pop-up.

Sign in with your QuickBooks login

After providing your credentials, simply authorize QuickBooks to share data with Pipeline. If you have more than one QuickBooks company, you will have the opportunity to choose which one to connect to Pipeline.

Authorize Intuit to share data with Pipeline

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