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Google Sheets: Installing and Using

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

The Pipeline Data Importer allows you to import your saved list views from Pipeline into Google Sheets. Use the simple, intuitive interface to pull live data into Google and build powerful reports. Each worksheet supports its own filter. Refresh all of your worksheets with a single click to keep the data live and your reports updated.

Add new sheets to create pivot tables, formulas, graphs, and charts to slice, dice, and visualize your data.


You need to have export permissions in your Pipeline account to use the Google Sheets integration. If you don't have export permissions, contact an administrator on your Pipeline account.

You can install the Pipeline Google Sheets add-on from the Chrome Web Store.  

Alternatively, if you have a specific Google Sheet open (as in, a live spreadsheet) you can go to Add-ons > Get add-ons ... and search for 'Pipeline', then click Free. Click Accept to allow Pipeline to send data to your Google Sheets account. You now have the integration installed and you are ready to start importing your data.

Import your data

You can access your saved filters in Pipeline by going to Add-ons > Pipeline Data Importer > Manage Filters.  You'll be prompted to log into Pipeline.

Pipeline data importer

You can then choose which filter you wish to import into the current sheet. You can import one filter per sheet.

Manage filters

If you've recently added a filter to Pipeline that you don't see in the list, click Refresh list of filters. To refresh the data on all the sheets you currently have open, click Refresh Data.

NOTE: Importing a filter or refreshing the data will clear out all the data on the current sheet. Any formulas, charts, or graphs created using the data should be placed on a separate sheet.

Share a sheet

To share a spreadsheet, use the Share button in Google Sheets. Any changes you make to the sheet will be visible to the person you shared it with.

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Can I update data in my Pipeline account using Google Sheets?
No, changes you make to data in Google Sheets will not update in Pipeline

Will the add-in work if I am working on a protected sheet (has the lock icon)?
No, in order to use the Add-in your sheet cannot be protected.

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