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Maria Herrell
Updated 1 month ago

Zapier connects your Pipeline account with over 1,000 other cloud-based apps to automate and streamline your workflow. These connections are called "zaps" that work silently in the background to maximize your productivity! You will need to first set up a Zapier account in order to use the integration. 

Admins must enable the API in account settings for the integration to work! If you're not an admin but you're creating a zap, you'll need to reach out to an admin for your API Key. Admins can access the Pipeline landing page in Zapier from the account settings integrations page or by searching for Pipeline in Zapier.

Creating Zaps

Searching for apps to create zaps is easy! Look for specific apps from the search bar on the Zapier home screen:


...or from the Pipeline landing page in Zapier: Pipeline_Integrations___Zapier.png

If you're not quite sure what you're looking for scroll down a bit further and you'll find pre-existing zaps to use! Once you've found the right zap click the blue 'Connect' button and follow the steps to connect the apps! 


Once you've selected the other app you can start creating your zaps based on triggers and actions. Some limitations may exist depending on the app you're connecting, but overall the functionality with this integration is designed to work with most other cloud-based apps!


  • New Person: triggers when a new person, lead, or contact is created.
  • New Deal: triggers when a new deal is created.
  • Moved Deal: triggers when a deal moves from one stage to another.
  • Deal Status Changed: triggers when a deal is updated from one status to another.


  • Update a Person, Company, or Deal: updates an existing record.
  • Create a Person, Company or Deal: creates a new record.
  • Create Task: creates a new task.
  • Create Activity: creates a new activity associated with an existing person, company, or deal.
  • Move Deal to Next Stage: moves a deal from one stage to the next stage in the pipeline.


Zapier has a great Help center for FAQs and additional troubleshooting.

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