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How Do I Add an Image to the Body of my Email?

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Personalize and add interest to your emails by adding images. Adding an image to the body of emails sent with the Email sync is simple. When composing a new email or template, select the mountain icon to either: 1. Upload it or 2. add the public URL where your image is hosted.


1. Drag and drop an image into the drop area or click and select your saved file to upload.

2. If you would like to add an image via a URL, select the link icon and enter the direct URL of the image in the field with the prompt http://. This URL should directly link to the image itself, not simply to a page that has the image on it, which means that the URL should end with .jpg, .gif, .png, or something similar.


Clicking on the image after submitting the URL will bring up the image options menu.

  1. Replace will allow you to enter in the URL of a different image to replace this image with a different image
  2. You can change the alignment of the image using the Alignment dropdown
  3. Remove will delete the image
  4. Insert Link will let you turn the image into a clickable link that takes you to a website. Enter in the URL you wish for the link to direct to, and select whether or not you want the link to open in a new tab, then click on the "Insert" button
  5. Display allows you to select whether you want the image to display inline or if you want to break the text around it
  6. Style allows you to add some style options to the image
  7. You can put Alternate Text, which displays when you mouse over the image or in place of the image if the image can't load
  8. You can adjust the size of the image by clicking on the Change Size button, then adjusting the Width and Height numbers (which show the size of the image in pixels)


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