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Email Settings

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

When syncing your email with Pipeline, admins can control certain settings related to what's tracked or stored within Pipeline. In the Account Settings > Email section, admins have the ability to update three different settings: tracked emails, activity creation, and file uploads. We'll explain each of these settings in detail below: 

Allow users to send tracked emails: 

If you turn this setting off, users will still be able to send emails from Pipeline with their email synced but the email opens and clicks will not be tracked. 

Automatically create activities with email sync turned on: 

If this setting is turned off, users can still send emails from Pipeline with their email synced, but the emails will not be tracked automatically as activities within Pipeline. 

Automatically save email attachments as files in the files section: 

If this setting is turned off, users can send emails and the emails will be tracked as activities (unless the activity setting above is turned off) but file attachments on the emails will not automatically save to the files section in Pipeline. You can still manually add files to the files section. 

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