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Sharing Dashboards

Maria Herrell
Updated 11 months ago

Sharing Dashboards

Sharing a dashboard is the best way to ensure your team is aligned on the key lists, tasks, reports, and goals driving their sales efforts. If you’ve utilized the list view sharing capabilities, you’ll find the sharing dashboard functionality familiar. 

To get started sharing dashboards, make sure that you have created a custom dashboard and given it a unique name. Once you’ve saved a dashboard, you’ll see the “Share” button in the upper right corner of the dashboard view. 

Sharing Globally or with Individuals 

When sharing a dashboard, you have the option to share the dashboard with specific individual users or to share it globally across the entire account. When sharing either globally or individually, you have the option to star the dashboard for the users you’re sharing with. 

Note that when sharing a dashboard, the content on the dashboard will always follow the original visibility rules. For example, if you are sharing a dashboard that has a list of deals that the shared users don’t have access to, they will be able to view the dashboard but not the content on the included list. 

When sharing, you can include a message that will be shared with the users in the notification email that the dashboard has been shared. This is helpful to provide the necessary context for the dashboard and the included content. If you would like the user to make the dashboard their default, this would also be a great place to encourage them to set the dashboard to their default, which will be covered in the next section: Dashboard Options 

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