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Calendar Color Customizations

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Color Code Individual Users Calendars

You are able to choose the colors that are shown on your calendar for individual users. To make changes, click on the Calendar View dropdown and select the three dots next to the desired user's name. You can choose from one of our default colors or enter the ID # for your desired color.

Color Code & Filter Based On Specific Tasks & Events

You are able to color-code your task & event types and filter for them specifically for easier visibility. To color-code your task/ event type simply select Filters dropdown and click the edit icon next to the name. You can choose from the pre-selected color options or enter in the ID # for your desired color.

Further Customizations

Adjust the number of lines shown in the preview on your calendar by going to the Calendar section of My Profile. You can choose to show only a portion of the calendar item, or show the entire event name.

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