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New Person Profile Changes

Maria Herrell
Updated 10 months ago

As of May 2021, all users will see a new and more modern person profile in Pipeline. The goal of this change, along with all other user interface changes our team is making, was to update the platform so our team can release new features and address bugs and issues more quickly. 

We've outlined the changes to the Person Profile changes below. As always, please reach out to our customer care team if you have questions on the new profile.


  • One button on the agenda to + task/event/template
  • No longer have the ability to “see all” from profile agenda
  • Ability to filter Assigned To and Due Date via dropdown
  • Late items are no longer organized in the “Late Items” section. Overdue tasks and events are marked with a red date. 
  • Contact card on the task allows you to see the contact info for the person associated to the task.

Activity Feed

  • Infinite scroll on the activity feed, no need to click to navigate to second, third pages
  • Activities must be expanded to see comments 
  • Users can now filter the activities by date 
  • No longer have the option to add task/event from the activity feed
  • Default filters for system notifications, email (can filter by type), and activities (can filter by type)


  • Filtering available in the new deal modal via the column headers similar to list views.
  • Sort and filter by search on name
  • Sort and filter minimum and maximum values on amount 
  • Sort and filter on status
  • Sort and filter on stage
  • Sort and filter on owner
  • Sort and filter (for any or has no value) on primary contact
  • Sort and filter on updated date


  • Filtering available in the new files modal via the column headers similar to list views.
  • Can edit file name


  • Responsive design allows the user to change the window size and the page will be adjusted and not cut off. 
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